Currently the Funicular Railway structure is under repair with the expectation of it being reinstated by Autumn 2022.
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Access Statement / Post Lockdown Changes

Cairngorm Mountain is a stunning visitor destination providing elevated views across Strathspey. We are 9 miles from Aviemore.

The Day Lodge

The Day Lodge is a four-story building built in 1985. Only level one and two are accessible for wheelchairs or individuals with walking impediments.

Pre Arrival

We are happy to accommodate and assist all our visitors, please feel free to call ahead to make any special arrangements. Our retail shop is open 7 days a week and will accommodate any questions 01479 861301.

Car Parking and Arrival       

Car parking space can be found at the top of the car park on the right-hand side, just below the Snow-Factory. From here it is 50m to the front of the building. The main front door will take you straight into the shop for a wide range of clothing and souvenirs.


The toilets are in the Base Station the main building to the left of the day Lodge. COVID – 19 restrictions require a one-way system for these facilities. The accessible toilets are not considered changing places  toilets.

Cairngorm Café Level Two          

Access to level two is by the external Tarmac road about 25m long.  COVID – 19 restrictions have completely changed the way customers’ access the café. We are operating a phased reopening and at the moment that means take away food only. Customers’ use a one-way system through the building. Entering here on the left-hand side and exiting out the fire exit to the right-hand side of the building. These arrangements have severely impeded our disabled access for two reasons.

  • The road leading to the entrance is a steep incline. (just where the walkers are)
  • The exit from the café has a step at the door.

These issues have been recognised in the COVID risk assessment, our staff have agreed to advise and facilitate members of the public who might need some extra help. Access to the café can be facilitated by opening two doors on the right-hand side of the building.


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