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Pitch Up in One of the Most Stunning Locations in the Cairngorms

The Coire na Ciste is one of the most stunning locations in the Cairngorms National Park. With picturesque views across Glenmore, Loch Morlich and through the epic Ryvoan Pass the Cairngorm Motorhome Site is an idyllic place to pitch up for the evening.

We have worked closely with the Cairngorms National Park Authority and neighbouring land owners Forestry and Land Scotland and RSPB to develop this secure new facility for visitors to enjoy. This facility is suitable for motorhomes and campervans with an onboard toilet.

With individual pitches, a code locked entry system as well as water and waste facilities you will have everything you need for an overnight stay. Please be aware that the site does not have showers & toilets and is therefore only suitable for vehicles who have an onboard toilet.

Experience the Cairngorms from the Comfort of your Motorhome

Touring in your motorhome is one of the best ways to experience the stunning Cairngorms. If it is your first time visiting the area we have put together some resources to help you enjoy everything the Cairngorms National Park has to offer.

Visit Scotland Guide to Motorhoming

Travelling by campervan or motorhome is a great way to see the country, touring miles of famous tourist routes and trails along the way. It’s also an easier way to plan your travels on the open road, as you can stop off and move on whenever you please. A staycation is a great way to explore what your own country has to offer, and can be the perfect holiday choice if you’re on a budget, but still want to have an incredible experience. One of the biggest rules of touring in a campervan or motorhome is to respect your surroundings. Before you head off, it’s a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, remember – take only memories and leave no trace.

Watch the Video Guide Here

Campervanning in the Cairngorms

Helping you on your adventures in the Cairngorms, the Visit Cairngorms campervan map has essential information on the dedicated facilities available and shows you where the main towns and villages are in the Park, which are teeming with wonderful restaurants, pubs and shops all ready to give you the warmest of Highland welcomes.

Access the Interactive Map Here 

Visiting the Highlands

The Highland Council have been working hard to prepare for your safe, and enjoyable visit, and are ready to give the motorhome and campervanning community the warmest of Highland welcomes. Learn more about how to enjoy your visit responsibly by reading up on the guidance below.

Click Here to View the Leaflet

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Site Information

Facility Overview

The site offers security for those touring in the Cairngorms. With 45 individual pitches, a code locked entry system as well as essential facilities (excluding showers & toilets) including a water feed and disposal points for grey water, chemical waste and refuse you will have everything you need for an overnight stay.

Site Rules

You may only park at the facility if you are using a vehicle with an on-board toilet, this can be a cassette toilet on smaller vans. Caravans and tents are excluded from this facility.

You may only park at the facility if you are using a motorhome or campervan with an on-board toilet, this can be a cassette toilet on smaller vans. Caravans and tents are excluded from this facility. For other accommodation options and to learn more about the camping and caravan facilities nearby please use follow the links below.

Places to Stay in the Cairngorms  Camping and Caravan Facilities 

Arrival & Departure

  • You should aim to arrive at the site no earlier than the specified arrival time on your booking. The gate code will be broadcast via SMS to the number provided 30 minutes prior to your chosen time.
  • Upon arrival enter to code into the gate lock making sure that you have pressed clear (C) before doing so. Twist the knob to open the lock and enter the site ensuring the gate is secured shut behind you.
  • Drive your vehicle into one of the empty bays ensuring that is positioned in line with the marked parking area. Please do not leave your vehicle anywhere outside of the designated parking bays.
  • You are welcome to come and go from the site as you please throughout the duration of your stay, please ensure the gate is locked shut whenever re-entering or exiting the site.
  • Unless you have booked more than one nights stopover you should depart the site no later than 11AM.

Within the Site

  • The site has a maximum speed limit of 5 MPH, if you see anyone breaching this speed limit or driving dangerously within the site please report them.
  • Please be considerate of other site users during your stay, dogs must be kept under close control and noise levels should be reduced between 10PM and 6AM.
  • All cooking should be done using the facilities in your vehicle, or on a gas powered camping stove/BBQ. The lighting of fires anywhere within the site and the surrounding environment is strictly prohibited.
  • All site users may be subject to spot checks and must produce a valid ticket, printed or digital, upon request by a member of staff.
Read Our Site Rules

How to Get Here

The Cairngorm Motorhome Site is located in the Coire na Ciste car park approximately 10 miles from the nearby town of Aviemore and 3 miles from Glenmore and Loch Morlich. Arriving off the A9 take the B970 directly toward Glenmore and up the ski road to the site. 


Site Map

Water, waste disposal and refuse bins are provided, so visitors can enjoy the site without harming the environment. Over many years, nature and weather and created amazing scenery that can be enjoyed from the campervan site. Visitors can use one of the many viewpoints located around the site to see and learn more about what makes this environment so special.

We want to ensure visitors have the best experience possible when staying with us and actively encourage responsible tourism alongside our partners. Please be considerate of the environment and others in it, we reserve the right to remove those who breach our terms and conditions from the facility.

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Outdoor Access - Looking After Nature

The right to responsible outdoor access is an essential part of what makes visiting Scotland so special. The National Park is home to many rare and sensitive plants and animals. Help keep their home special by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Simple things you can do to help while visiting the National Park include:

  • Stay on footpaths to avoid causing damage to fragile plants or scaring wildlife.
  • If you have a dog, keep it on the path with you so it does not scare wildlife.
  • Use a camping stove instead of open fires or bbqs, as they can cause wild fires.
  • Put rubbish in bins, or take it back to where you are staying to put in the bin there.
  • Park in car parks or laybys, not in passing places, gateways, tracks or on verges.

Learn More

Read More About Outdoor Access

Leave No Trace - Rubbish and Liquid Waste

Wind, wildlife, wilderness and waste don't mix. Help us keep this part of the Cairngorms National Park as clean as possible by leaving no trace of your visit.

Rubbish bins are provided on site. It’s windy up here – do not leave any waste or other items outside your vehicle or beside the bins to blow away. If the bins are full, keep your rubbish inside your vehicle until the bins have been emptied.

A chemical toilet waste disposal facility is provided. Please also use the waste disposal facility to dispose of dish or other washing water – do not tip it out on the ground. Our tank is free to use for residents, for those just passing by we kindly ask for a small donation if you want to empty your waste before setting off on your onward journey. Instructions on how to correctly dispose of waste are provided at the disposal point.

For day trips and onward travel, locations of other chemical toilet waste disposal points in Scotland can be found on the Campervan and Motorhome Professional Association website.

Learn More

Read More About Waste

Fire Safety - Don't Take the Risk

Whilst it may not appear a risk, sparks from wood fires float in the air and can land in dry ground, BBQs and campfires also heat the ground under them, causing not only damage to the earth, plants and wildlife but in some cases wild fires to start - don't take the risk.

Visitors are more than welcome to cook outside when using the Cairngorm Motorhome Site. However, due to the sensitive environment and risk of wild fires, only gas powered BBQs and camping stoves should be used. Under no circumstances should any charcoal bbqs, camp fires or other forms of open fire be lit either within the site boundary or in the surrounding area. Doing so is a breach of our terms and conditions and will result in you and your groups immediate removal from the site. 

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Read More About Fire Safety

Area Information

The Cairngorm Motorhome Site is surrounded the most precious and protected ground in the British Isles. Learn more about the Cairngorm Estate and its neighbouring land below.

The Cairngorm Estate

The Cairngorm Estate, the land in which the mountain resort and ski area are situated, is a place a great natural beauty and a gateway into Scotland's highest mountain massif.

The Cairngorms have long been synonymous with outdoor sport and recreation as well as being one of the nations most scenic holiday destinations. The Cairngorm Mountain resort is not only Scotland’s favourite snowsports destination but a hub for year-round activity full of unforgettable experiences. A fantastic way to explore and learn about the rich natural history of the Cairngorm Estate is through one of our Ranger Guided Walks, running every Thursday from May to October.

Learn More

Read More About the Cairngorm Estate

Glenmore Forest Park

Neighbouring the Cairngorm Estate is the Glenmore Forest Park.

The Forest Park is a National Nature Reserve, home to, amongst others, red squirrels, capercaillie, crested tits and wood ants. The reserve is managed by Forestry and Land Scotland to help protect this rich habitat and welcome visitors who want to enjoy it responsibly. With a wide variety of paths, it is an ideal destination for family bike rides, woodland walks or relaxing on the sandy beach. More information about the Forest Park can be found at the Forest Visitor Centre in Glenmore, where parking is available.

Learn More

Read More About Glenmore Forest Park

Other Places to Explore

Explore the Cairngorms National Park and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Whether out for a family stroll, or planning to bag your first Munro, the National Park has a wide range of places to explore and enjoy. Approximately 10 miles from the Cairngorm Motorhome Site the village of Aviemore is a hub for outdoor activity and has a range of shops, cafes and restaurants. To the south of Aviemore are the villages of Kingussie and Newtonmore. To the north east are Boat of Garten, Carrbridge, Nethy Bridge and Grantown on Spey. Further afield, in Royal Deeside, are Ballater and Braemar. Learn more about exploring the National Park by following the link below.

Learn More

Read More About the National Park

Booking Information

As this is a gated access site, booking is essential. Pitches can be booked on a single night basis through our website via Ticketinghub. Pitch fees are £10 per night.

You should not book more than 3 consecutive nights and must also provide your vehicle’s valid registration number at the time of booking. If you are planning to stay longer than a single night, please carry out the booking process and select ‘book another stay’ when prompted.

Visitor Management

Visitor management is a vital part of our operations within the National Park. These mountains are not ours, but they are our responsibility to look after. 

Supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, our Land Manager and Ranger Service provide stewardship of the Cairngorm Estate and contribute a significant amount of their time to the responsible management of visitors to Cairngorm Mountain and the surrounding area. The Coire na Ciste car park has become a popular location for campervans to pitch up in recent years and we are of the belief that providing this secure facility will prove beneficial for managing this growing visitor group. Working closely with the Cairngorms National Park Authority we have developed a robust Visitor Management Plan that has allowed us to set a foundation for the Cairngorm Campervan Site which we envision developing into one of the top facilities in the Cairngorms.

Read More About Visitor Management

Terms & Conditions

Please familiarise yourself and the members of your group with our terms and conditions before going ahead with your booking. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are entering into a contract with Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Limited.

    • ‘Us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’ means Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Limited and includes any representative appointed as its agent. ‘You’ means the driver, the passengers and the legal owner of the vehicle. A ‘vehicle’ is defined as any motorised and wheeled device used for transporting visitors. 
    • By parking in this site, you acknowledge that you enter into a contract with us on the basis of these terms and conditions.
    • Cairngorm Mountain (Scotland) Limited does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.
    • You should arrive at the site no earlier than the specified time on the day of your booking.
    • We ask that you vacate the site by 11AM on the day of your departure, and the area should be left as you found it. Leave no Trace, please click to learn more.
    • You should not book more than 3 consecutive nights. All users may be subject to spot checks by our staff and must present a valid booking confirmation/ticket when asked. Failure to do so may result in your immediate removal from the facility.
    • You cannot allow other vehicles to enter the facility other than your own registered vehicle, as stated at the time of booking.
    • You and the other members of your party are required to contain your parking and sleeping arrangements/belongings within your allocated parking slot.
    • You are expected to reduce noise levels and vehicle movements between 10PM and 6AM.
    • You may only park at the facility if you are using a motorhome or campervan with an on-board toilet. This can be a cassette toilet on smaller vans. Caravans and tents are excluded from this facility.
    • You must dispose of your chemical toilet waste and grey water into the appropriate tanked facility onsite, or in suitable facilities elsewhere on your onward journey avoiding any spillage and damage to the natural environment. 
    • Dogs are welcome but must always be kept on a lead within the site and not allowed off lead out with the site so they do not disturb easily scared wildlife. You are responsible for clearing up after your dog(s) and disposing of their waste appropriately. Please click to learn more. You are not permitted to take any other pets or animals with you during your stay.
    • You are not permitted to light camping fires or other open fires. You cannot use BBQ’s unless they are raised off the ground and have controllable gas burners. You are permitted to use camping stoves externally from your vehicle for cooking purposes. Please click to learn more.
    • You must keep your allocated area tidy, do not leave rubbish or other items (such as folding chairs) outside your vehicle as they can get blown away or attract vermin. Please minimise waste, use the designated recycling point on site and where possible take your litter home with you.
    • You are expected to follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code during your stay. You should stay on constructed footpaths in the vicinity and avoid disturbing wildlife below the car park, especially during the ground nesting bird season from April to August. Please click to learn more.
    • It is essential that you book in advance for this facility. Pitches can be reserved online through our website.
    • Pitches can only be booked on a single night basis to cooperate with the provisions of our Visitor Management Plan.
    • The gate code is changed regularly and will be broadcast to all ticket holders via SMS notification 30 minutes prior to the specified arrival time on your tickets. If you do not receive the SMS notification please contact the main office on 01479861261 (9AM – 5PM) or email stating your booking reference.
    • We retain the right to cancel your booking at any time and close the parking facility. You will be refunded your booking fee in full.
    • We retain the right to remove you and your vehicle due to anti-social behaviour or any environmental concerns that you or the behaviour of others in your group may pose to other visitors using the facility or to the surrounding mountain environment. You will not be entitled to any refund. 
    • You are parking in a mountain environment, with harsh weather conditions at times, even in summer. You should check weather forecast prior to booking. You should check weather forecasts daily and take appropriate measures to protect yourself, your vehicle, your equipment, and belongings, which you are responsible for. At times we may suspend bookings or close the facility due to weather or forecasted weather. This may be done at short notice. Full refunds will be provided in case of an unexpected closure.
See our Terms & Conditions

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