Nestled in the heart of Cairngorms National Park, a cornucopia of incredible wildlife can be found living and thriving among the stunning landscapes and dramatic peaks.

From those that roam the land to those that soar through the skies, there is plenty to see during your visit to the Highlands.

During the summer months, new life is breathed into the landscape and it’s a fantastic time to take one of our guided walks to witness all the fascinating goings on amongst the hills and peaks! Our Essential Summit Walk in particular is a fascinating way to explore the natural surroundings of the highlands.

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The video edits below have all been filmed and compiled onsite at Cairngorm Mountain by our very own ranger, Ruari MacDonald

Water Vole


The ptarmigan is a plump gamebird, slightly larger than a grey partridge. In summer, is a mixture of grey, brown and black above with white bellies and wings. In winter, it becomes totally white except for its tail and eye-patch, which remain black. It breeds in the highest mountains of the Highlands of Scotland on the Arctic like landscape there. Birds are residents, seldom moving far from breeding sites. In severe cold weather, birds may move from the highest ground to the edge of forests.


This medium-sized member of the plover family is unusual in that the adult female is brighter than the male – an indication of their role-reversal in raising the young. Adults have largely grey-brown upperparts and bright chestnut belly, with a white chest band, throat and eyestripe, the latter contrasting with a dark cap. On spring migration they are often seen in groups, or ‘trips’, at traditional stopping places.


A short-tailed, plump bird with a low, whirring flight. When perched on a rock it habitually bobs up and down and frequently cocks its tail. Its white throat and breast contrasts with its dark body plumage. It is remarkable in its method of walking into and under water in search of food.

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