Currently the Funicular Railway structure is under repair with the expectation of it being reinstated by Autumn 2022.
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A Versatile Scottish Habitat

The Cairngorm Mountains are special in so many ways. These magnificent hills and the surrounding area are home to 25% of the most threatened species in the U.K and they survive in some of the most hostile weather experienced in the British Isles.

Iconic Mountain Species

Throughout the year, iconic mountain bird species, mammals, insects, invertebrates make their home here for all or part of the year. When summer arrives, the corries are brought to life with the beautiful bird song of the ring ouzel, meadow pipit, willow warbler, snow bunting, the quiet chirps of the dipper and dotterel and the famous croaking calls of the ptarmigan & red grouse.

Rare  Sightings

The Cairngorm Mountain Ranger Base displays what wildlife has been recently seen & recorded in and around the northern corries and general guidance on path routes, where some of the wildlife can be seen. If you have made any rare, or regular, sightings whilst out in the Cairngorms we would love to hear about them. Get in touch or drop into the Ranger Base when your next passing.

Our Ranger Guided Walk in particular is a fascinating way to explore the natural surroundings of the highlands. 

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