The Cairngorm Story

Step Inside The Cairngorm Story

Step inside ‘The Cairngorm Story’ and take a walk through the years and experiences witnessed by the highest mountain massif in the British Isles. Learn about the climate, flora, fauna and wildlife and discover the lives of the people shaped by it. Brought to life through the incredible contribution of the local community, many of whom have spent their lives living and working in the Cairngorms, this exhibition tells the narrative through their thoughts, words and images.

Let the Story Unfold

The exhibition, located in the Funicular Base Station tells of the rich history of the Cairngorms; the wildlife, mountains, the unique natural environment, snow sports and its people.

It has been created with huge support from the local community and proudly features mountaineers, Olympians, photographers, writers and artists from the area all brought together with a feature film that shares with visitors what makes this place so special.

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Absorb the History

People have lived and worked in the Cairngorms for thousands of years, shaping the landscapes around them. Their history is written all over everything you see today, not just in bricks and mortar, but in fields, forests and hills.

Rich history is shared throughout ‘The Cairngorm Story’. Absorb it as you wander through the ages and learn of the early pioneers and adventurers right up to those in recent years who find inspiration in this beautiful place called the Cairngorms.

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Learn About the Environment

The Cairngorms are remarkable in so many ways, the environment has evolved over the centuries into the rugged but spectacular landscape you see today.

The sub-arctic plateau presents a harsh climate for all manner of birds, beasts, flora and fauna. As you wander through the story you will learn about the environment from those who have lived and worked in it for many years.

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Experience the Culture

The Cairngorm culture has brought people to this spectacular place for many years with many pioneers of outdoor activity having come to call this place home.

From experienced mountaineers to some of the worlds most legendary climbers, the Cairngorms attract people from across the globe. The Cairngorms National Park also boasts a higher percentage of home-grown Olympians per head of population than anywhere else in the UK. 

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Meet the People

Brought to life through the incredible contribution of these locals, many of whom have spent their lives living and working in the Cairngorms, this exhibition tells the narrative through their thoughts, words and images. 

We thank all the contributors greatly for their dedicated time and effort; CNPA, Willie McKenna, Pete Cairns, Bob Kinnaird, Ruari Macdonald, Jim Cornfoot, Lesley McKenna, Roddy MacLean/Ruaridh  MacIlleathain, Suzy Bashford, Neil Reid, John Lyall, Martin Price, Donald Hall, Myrtle Simpson, Grant Moir, Martin Price, Willie Anderson, Kyla Ball, John Mackay, Glenmore Lodge, Kirk Douglas, Moira Langumuir, Fergus Thom, Aline Club Library, Ingrid Grant, Merryn Glover, Richard Else, Elizabeth Pirie, Mark Hamblin, Arthur Watson, Simone Kenyon – Into the Mountain, Cameron McNeish, Mhairi Hall, Garry Walker & Nic Bullivant.

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