Find Your Skiing Level

Level 1

Who: It’s your first time. You have never skied before. Or you have tried it once, but not quite got your snowplough. Or maybe you’ve done a taster session but just want to start again.

What to expect: Getting to grips with the basics. You will learn how to clip in, slide around on the flat, side-step, straight run and get to grips with the snowplough.

Goal: By the end of the session we hope you will be comfortable with your equipment. You should also be able to slow down, glide and stop using a snowplough.

Level 2

Who: You have done some skiing before, you can hold a good snowplough and control your speed. You have achieved all the goals of the Level 1 session.

What to expect: You will start by checking your snowplough and ensuring you can control your speed. The session will quickly move on to turning and controlling your direction. Here you will be perfecting your turns and start to feel the flow.

Goal: By the end of the session you should be able to link your turns, be introduced to the ski tow and feel confident controlling your speed and direction. You will be starting on the path of plough-parallel.

Level 3

Who: You can comfortably control your speed, link your turns on a green run and have started with plough-parallel turns.

What to expect: You will start on a green piste, getting straight back in to turning and controlling your speed. From here you will be developing your steering ability and starting to experiment with the shape and size of your turns. Once comfortable you will be working on turning those plough turns to parallel.

Goal: By the end of the session we hope you feel more comfortable with your parallel turns and have started to learn the appropriate techniques to deal with the increasing terrain. You will have a good grasp of the plough-parallel turn and close to paralleling.

Level 4

Who: You can parallel turn on green runs but still plough-parallel on blues.

What to expect: You will continue refining your technique and perfect your parallel turns. You will be exploring more of the mountain. The session will include dealing with steeper/red runs.

Goal: By the end of the session you will hopefully be parallel skiing confidently. You will also hopefully become more confident all over the mountain, tackling some red runs and different terrain/snow conditions.

Level 5

Who: You can ski on most runs, you are confident on reds and maybe done a few blacks. You now want to explore more aspects of skiing, such as off-piste, carving, skiing variable conditions and maybe even venture into the terrain park.

What to expect: At this level we only offer private lessons as they can be better geared to the need of the individual. For this reason you can expect 100% of the instructor’s time dedicated to you and your specific goals.

Goal: Whatever you want it to be.

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